Antonia Landi

Live review: Showtunes Cabaret – Voodoo Rooms 21/04/11

In Edinburgh, Entertainment, Performing Arts on April 30, 2011 at 1:27 pm

Captain Anchor transformed the Voodoo Rooms into a music hall from the 1930s, with the help of his friends Kassandra Killjoy, Tom de Lish and Lilly de Lure. An intimate crowd of about 20 people made this evening a special treat and the crowd was made to feel at home by the host of the night. The main act was Captain Anchor himself, delighting the crowd with cabaret and musical classics such as Mister Cellophane and Over The Rainbow. His performance makes it clear that Captain Anchor belongs on a musical theatre stage. Not only because of the grandeur of his persona – Captain Anchor’s voice is definitely up to the challenge.

Up next was Kassandra Killjoy, a delightfully enticing lady with an enormous voice. Kassandra’s repertoire included songs from shows such as Cabaret and Chicago. Her performance is flawless, were it not for her skimpy outfits. Whereas showing flesh in a cabaret show is accepted, if not even encouraged, Kassandra forgets that class really makes a difference. Her voice is gorgeous and could not be more suited to cabaret – but please girl, put something on!

Up next was Lilly de Lure, who was said to ‘delight’ the audience with her burlesque act. Unfortunately, she did not quite manage to live up to that, but instead provided the crowd with a mediocre act with a confusing backstory.

The highlight of night was Tom de Lish, whose set included a laugh-out-loud song about a Starbucks romance and possibly one of the best boylesque performances I have ever seen. The fact that he is trained in ballet and jazz as well as contemporary dance really pays off during his performance, as he shows off his moves with the biggest impact possible. His burlesque act contains all you could ask for – from make up to costume, everything just works, and Tom’s professional background gives him the credibility his act needs.

The final send-off to this grand little night could not have been better, as Captain Anchor once again reached for his microphone and wished his audience farewell with his performance of ‘Copacabana’, which was as memorable as the man himself.

All in all Showtunes Cabaret offered a fun filled night full of acts worth seeing, even though some were more professional than others. Captain Anchor served his audience a memorable night, and we cannot wait until he does it again.

Antonia Landi for Trisickle.


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