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Spinach & ham quiche – Better than Toast

In Food, Student life on June 20, 2011 at 6:12 pm

Picture: Useful Times

When I say quiche most people will think of quiche lorraine, which is exclusively made with eggs and ham, and can sometimes look quite sad if not done right. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan – my quiche is packed with tasty ingredients and will soon be a lunchtime favourite!

What I like about this quiche is that it’s so incredibly easy to make. You can make it from scratch at lunchtime if you have an hour to spare and then eat it straight away from the oven, or you can make it the night before and take it with you as a packed lunch. I like to have quiche on its own, but pair it with a tasty salad and you have a light and tasty lunch in no time! Quiches are perfect to take on picnics, and you can fill them with a variety of ingredients. Spinach and ham is by far my favourite, as I think that they complement each other very well. Team that up with some creamy soft cheese and black pepper and you’ve got yourself a great meal. If you are a vegetarian, try exchanging the ham for some creamy goat’s cheese – it will give you all the great strong flavours of the ham, while still being veggie!

A note on pastry: If you have time, by all means feel free to make your own shortcrust pastry – but I must warn you: shortcrust isn’t the easiest pastry to make and sometimes it’s not really worth all the fuss. Because of the high butter content in the dough you have to work fast – this goes for both the bought and homemade pastry. I prefer to buy a block of pastry and roll it out myself instead of buying pre-rolled pastry – that way, I can choose the thickness and shape. Another common problem is that pre-rolled pastry tends to break easily, so you’ll have to be careful with it.

Feeds 4 as a main course or 8 with a side:

300g fresh spinach

2 gammon steaks, cooked and cut into cubes

100g soft cheese

1 handful grated hard cheese of your choice

1 egg

500g shortcrust pastry (or 1 sheet of pre-rolled pastry)

mustard and black pepper to taste

Watch the video for instructions, and do get in touch if you have any questions, as silly as you think they might be!

Antonia Landi for the Useful Times.


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