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SSPCA urges ministers to revise firework laws

In Animal welfare on November 5, 2010 at 3:00 pm

Fireworks at Meadowbank Stadium. Picture: Antonia Landi

The SSPCA is campaigning to restrict current firework laws for the protection of pets and livestock. The animal welfare charity explains that the laws do not give pet owners enough notice to take precautionary measures when it comes to the welfare of their animals.


The SSPCA states on their website that “the noise from fireworks can cause panic” and that “domestic animals can run off if they are not kept safe inside and can be seriously injured in road accidents”. At the moment, the laws allow fireworks to be used in public on any day, between 7am and 11pm with even more leeway on special occasions, where the fireworks can go on until midnight on bonfire night, or even 1am on new year’s eve. Shona Robison, MSP for Dundee East, backs the SSPCA’s bid for stricter laws. “Irresponsible use of fireworks is a misery and a blight on the lives of the vast majority of the population and also of course it particularly affects pet owners. It is Anti-Social behaviour and can be highly dangerous. Although I think the situation has improved we must be vigilant on this issue” she states.

As the yearly fireworks display at the Meadowbank Stadium unfolds, many families are worried about their pets. Michael Roberts, 42, said: “Bonfire night is a highlight of the year, but the dog has to stay at home.” Dr Alistair Marks from The Oak Tree Veterinary Centre in Edinburgh advised: “Be matter of fact with the pets and don’t try to console an agitated animal.” He says the most important thing to remember is to keep animals at home. While the SSPCA is too late to change the firework laws for this year, their suggestions might bring changes to the laws in the next one.


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